“Will Force” By V.S. Arunachalam

Mr. VS. Arunachalam (24/04/1897 – 30/06/1956) was born in a village called ‘Arni’ in the Tiruvannamalai district of Tamil Nadu. Having lost his father (an illustrious lawyer at the tender age of seven, he was thrown rudderless in an ocean of relatives, good and bad, young and old, helpful and otherwise. He belonged to a big and wealthy family. But, within a decade, the family was exploited and reduced to poverty.

He then decided to settle in Bombay (Mumbai) with his family and laid his first step in the city on 25th July in the year 1916. As a teenager, he had independent views. He has always engulfed himself in a world of his own, away from the material world, which had no meaning for him. Having gone through innumerable hardships and poverty in Mumbai, he finally was employed with a corporate job. Along with his busy work schedule, he spent all his leisure hours at home in the company of books. He steeped himself in the works of William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, Francis Bacon, Oliver Goldsmith, Bernard Shaw, Rabindranath Tagore, Lord Byron, and Alfred Tennyson.

Mr. V.S. Arunachalm’s ideas and concepts were way ahead of time and his writings were not understood by many during the period. He was a philosopher, poet, and writer sans name and fame. Having witnessed the British rule over India and the world Wars 1 & 2, his writings reflect the sentiments of a common man of that period in the most philosophically analytical manner which transports the render to the later years.

“Let this book be my parting visit into the hearts of my class of people of India or throughout the world, yet with a special aptitude for Bombay (Mumbai).”

Let’s dive into the interview with the author to know the journey of “Will Force”.

Can you tell us a little about your book?

This story, entitled ‘Will Force’, depicts a romance of a subtle distinction set in a physical background, and was outlined in the year 1929 by late V.S. Arunachalam. Later in the year 1949 is the time when this neglected manuscript was completed. Revolving around a science fiction story it has a mix of emotions, romance, drama, and a strong telepathic will force acting between individuals.

Is there a specific event that inspired this story or was this an out-of-the-blue idea?

Being stalled from the year 1929, and during and after World War 2 late V.S.Arunachalam then rekindled his interest in completing this story after a few real-life experiences. Aiming to convert this story into a feature film that did not materialize, he finally decided to publish this story as a booklet.

What got you writing in the first place?

In response to the cry of the mind for a brief relaxation from an oppressive routine.

What was your impression of your first draft when you read it?

The first draft was incomplete and it took nearly 20 years from 1929 to 1949 after going through world war 2 and other life events that triggered to polish the story to satisfaction.

What makes your book the one to read?

A gripping story that leaves the reader curious and involved after every Act of this drama.

Do you have another plot brewing?

Yes, there is another film story that is complete.

On that note, we can’t wait for what comes in this author’s story.

AMAZON LINK: https://www.amazon.in/dp/9395563591

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