“Walk With Me” By Ajay Vyshampayan

About the Author: He hails from the beautiful city of Pune, also known as the Oxford of the East. From a middle-class family with rich cultural background, he brings with him a rich retail experience of over 22 years across malls, hypermarkets, and Department store formats. He is an MBA in Marketing and a master’s in Economics. Married to Dimpy, he has a family that supports him in all he thinks or does. He is inspired by his mother. He is a creative person at heart. He has two siblings; a younger sister married to a friendly and gentle soul with a daughter in her teens and a brother who is as creative as their father. Ajay in his free time is a scuba enthusiast, a singer at heart, and a book lover.

Let’s dive into the interview with the author to know the journey of “Walk With Me”.

Can you tell us a little about your book?

It’s not just a love story, it’s an inspiration for chronically ill patients to live better, and healthier.

Is there a specific event that inspired this story or was this an out-of-the-blue idea?

I was inspired by this story after I met chronically ill patients many years before. I was wanting to write a story for them. A story that will help them lead a nice life, a story that can inspire others to assist them.

What got you writing in the first place?

I always wanted to express my inner feelings. Express the unexpressed, say the unsaid. This story gave me the vent to express myself.

What was your impression of your first draft when you read it?

I was very happy with it considering I was debuting as an author. I know for fact now that I can narrate stories better as I go ahead.

Which part of your story connects the most with you? Why?

The support the lead character gets in this book from all over connects with me as I have got a great family and a select friends circle and colleagues who support me a lot.

What makes your book the one to read?

It’s an everyday story. A story that anyone may have come across. It’s a story of inspiration, a story of love that everybody, I am sure may have dreamt of and which exists, I firmly believe.

What was the best advice you got while writing?

Be yourself. Don’t use jargon. Express Freely.

Who’s your all-time favorite author? Which book of his/hers made you fall in love with them?

Jeffery Archer without any doubt – Kane and Abel.

What is your evergreen tip to the writers out there?

Read as much as you can, ideally an actual book and not digital. The book can be your best friend and will help you express yourself better while writing.

What was your hardest scene to write?

The turning point of this book is when misery sticks to the lead character. It was almost as if I was living it.

Do you have another plot brewing?

Yes, I have almost selected the story for my next book

AMAZON LINK: https://www.amazon.in/dp/9395563583

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