Virendra Jadam – Meet the young IIM grads and future of Indian Political Consultancy with an unending list of Winning elections

Virendra Jadam the Director of Grass roots consultancy, a political consulting firm. As a political consultant, he helped political parties from different states win with his perfect art of exceptional election campaigns. He is also an Opinion Poll, Low budget election campaign Expert.

Needless to say, a political campaign is a complicated undertaking with the straightforward goal of outvoting the opposition. The challenging aspect of the race is getting to the front of the pack. It entails starting the campaign, gathering funds, holding rallies, doing interviews, attending meetings, etc. Political strategists who primarily operate in the shadows plan the campaigns play to their strengths. Every successful campaign has a team of strategists working for it. Although the candidate is the face of the campaign, political consultants are always in their ear giving them advice on what to do, what to say to whom, etc. This young IIM Sirmaur grad Virendra Jadam is becoming one name synonymous with political consulting in India.

Virendra has been engaged by a political consulting firm since 2018. Since then, he has managed election campaigns in Punjab, Uttarakhand, Rajasthan, and Gujarat. Currently, he is managing the campaign in Gujarat. During the 2019 Lok Sabha election, he oversaw the campaign. He has since established his own political consultancy business and successfully managed the Punjab election campaign. He is launching his own book towards the end of the following year based on his political experience. Currently, he is assisting the Vidhan Sabha candidates from Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh in winning elections by accelerating election campaigns by motivating voters.

No doubt, the Indian electorate is the biggest in the world. Even a local campaign can seem large in this context. All the more important is that a campaign and candidate make the right moves. To use a sports analogy, Virendra as a political consultant is like a coach on the side-lines calling the plays – media advertising, PR, opinion polls, opposition research, etc. Virendra as a political consultant played a key role in helping the political leaders win the heart of millions. Virendra feels fortunate enough for having worked in different sectors like Manufacturing, political consultancy, and healthcare and gained experience in forming a start-up that not just upgraded his knowledge but made him wise.

He says “My primary task as a political consultant is to plan, execute, review and achieve the goals of our clients and we leave no stone unturned in achieving it with our blend of experience and expertise in team Management, Leadership, Strategic planning, and public speaking. I try tounder stand the deeper psychology of buying and then create a marketing strategy as I believe that deserving candidate should win the election. With his vision for Strong and stable democracy in Indian. Virendra is working for days and night to create impact on Indian Democracy. Talking with our corpodentate Virendra shows desire to connect with Like minded political consultant and Indian Politicians

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