Vimanika Comics and The Write Order collaborate to take the world of Comics to every House

Childhood always remains a beautiful memory and the important aspect of childhood is Comics. The usage of comics was so high that even the textbooks included comics to grab the attention of children. But with passing years, the era of comics started seeing its decline. But as comics are something that is loved by all, it kept seeing its comeback constantly.

Vimanika Comics is a Multi-Award-Winning company founded in 2008 that has successfully published comic,Graphic Novels,Action Figures, T-shirts& various pop culture Merch in regards to historical Indian Culture for the past 14 years. Due to their great visual representation, understanding the target audience’s requirements and the right amount of focus on the Ancient Indian History & mythology genre has given them wide popularity. To list out some of their famous novels such as; “Shiva-The Legends of the Immortal”, “Durga:Legends”, “I am Kalki”, “The Sixth-The Legend of Karna “, and “Moksha”. Recently comic books like “Dr M” & “Kaged Muscle” “were imprinted under their new contemporary Imprint division Kalpani Comics and are loved and appreciated by young readers.

Ancient History & Mythology is a genre that connects to everyone. Irrespective of Cultural background, each one of us identifies characters from Ancient Indian History whose credit goes to the world of comics. We instantly remember the face of each character like Shri Ram, Shri Krishna, Hanuman,Lord  Shiva, and Lord Vishnu that was created by the comic designer. Their stories have been imprinted in our minds with immense respect and pride.

Vimanika Comics and The Write Order, a pratilipi group company and India’s fastest growing publication house in Bangalore have joined hands to ensure not to let the spark of comics fade away, to preserve the great stories, to gift every child their childhood and to make every reader feel young, they have published 1000+ Authors so far, publishing 60-80 authors per month.

This partnership is going to be one of the important collaborations that aims to expand the marketing and distribution of the existing comics in brick-and-mortar stores across India. It will also leverage intellectual property via Motion comics, Movies, Audio Stories, Webtoons, etc.

Vimanika famous for it’s Ancient Indian History/ Indian History & Mythology IP, Graphics and stories on the other hand Pratilipi’s ecosystem of marketing, distribution and monetizing a particular IP in various format & languages, both the parties are bringing theirs expertise cuisine on the table that can do wonders and create value for the ecosystem.

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