Top 3 HR Trends – RECEX’s Guide to all business owners

As business owners and human resource specialists, we need to look ahead to the next ten years and try to comprehend how leaders, employers, employees, and workers see the changes that are drastically changing the human element of every business on the planet.

Unprecedented change has occurred in people’s lives over the last ten years. Since 2020, the three main forces influencing how we work have been technology, climate change, and the worldwide pandemic. Together, these three have changed the way we view business and the individuals who are responsible for managing and operating it. From a human resource standpoint, RECEX wants to look further into how the VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous) environment has impacted its stakeholders.

The emergence of the hybrid workplace and its particular requirements is one of the major shifts. With this modification, HR Analytics would have to map out the practise of engaging remote workers. Finding the ethical limits of this action is a question in addition to its technical viability. What exactly do we track?

The second change has been in how the word “employee” is defined. Today, it might refer to a person who is employed full-time, part-time, as a contractor, or as a freelancer. The average length of time spent on a single employment has decreased from three years to between one and two years. HR solutions that are flexible would enable organisations to adapt to this crucial change.

Given this need for flexibility, human resource management is actually going through major change in terms of how employees are hired, trained, and treated in terms of benefits.

The third significant area of change has been learning and development. What kind of education and training would be required for such a diverse group of workers? HR would need to be ready for ongoing training, up-skilling, and monitoring of skills learnt, every time there is a role or job change, or a new employee. This is due to the quick changes in job duties. The foundation of this massive effort for the learning and development teams is analytics. Automation and innovation will be the driving forces behind HR’s future, and automation and analytics are more important than ever.

If the entire process is automated, it would be interesting to know what skill sets will be required of recruiters, recruiting agencies, and candidates.

Future workers will come from different generations, including Millennials, Gen Z, and Gen Xers, and they will all have distinct expectations for their professions. The new workforce will have higher expectations for benefits, greater fairness and openness in the hiring process, and a defined career path. We must act more quickly and wisely than ever before if we are to be ready for the workforce of the future.

In order to succeed, HR must adopt a new mindset that values change, pushes limits, and ensures that workers feel appreciated in their positions.In order to do this, HR would need to establish a culture of trust, transparency, respect, and empowerment at work. HR must also understand how to recruit, onboard, and retain employees. In the future, it will be crucial to give employees outstanding experiences and maintain their interest in their work.

I’ll leave you with these ideas as you spend the day considering the future of work. I hope you’ll find it interesting, enlightening, and doable.

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