‘The Solar Man’ is not only the title but a life purpose of an individual who is not only environmentally concerned but has also taken up the mission of lighting up the lives of millions of underprivileged through solar energy. Having an MBA in Social Entrepreneurship, Mr. Sachin Drupada Yashwant Shigwan is also known as The Solar Man in India for his exceptional contribution towards the growth of rural villages of India with the help of Solar Energy. His rich experience in the field of Rural Development and Solar Energy has made it possible to light up more than 450 villages in multiple states of India with the help of his team Green India Initiative. Green India Initiative is a social enterprise founded by Sachin in 2009 as a no registered organization. In 2014 Green India Initiative registered as a private limited company. He established this organization with a mission of lighting up 1000 villages by 2025 in India. 

In his teenage years, he dedicatedly focused on the field of social service due to the humbled environment of his family, which restricted him from enjoying basic infrastructure for his education and standard of living purpose. Mr. Sachin Shigwan proved the saying of one of the philosophers that difficulties can break you or make you. In childhood, Mr. Sachin Shigwan had to study under kerosene lamps or municipal street lamps, and now he is creating an awareness of “Study under green and clean energy” by discarding kerosene lamps from the life of thousands of rural school children innovatively and sustainably. 

Recently Mr. Sachin Drupada Yashwant Shigwan has also been recognized as an Earth Champion by Sony BBC Earth and Sustainable Champion by another social platform for promoting solar energy in the interior rural part of India. 

Over the decade, he has established goodwill as a corporate social responsibility consultant by helping many reputed concerns (corporates) execute their CSR projects in a systematized, innovative, and sustainable manner. He is also a contributing green speaker to create awareness amongst school children, college students, and corporate employees under the Solar Ambassador Program. Through the Employees Solar Ambassador Program, Mr.Sachin has inspired thousands of corporate employees to take steps towards environmental upgradation and reduce their carbon footprint through small steps. Many corporate employees have also learned to assemble solar lanterns and donated them to nearby communities for their development. 

The Solar Man Sachin Shigwan is a true green entrepreneur who is developing the villages but also on the other hand creating awareness amongst thousands of environmentally concerned individuals through his multiple innovative programs. The title of The Solar Man is given to him by the villagers, corporate members, and professionals from the social service field as well-known media and publications through their articles and recognition. 

Mr. Sachin Shigwan, The Solar Man, featured on the cover story of two industry magazines named The Consultant review magazine, recognized as Top Ten Consultant in India (2020), and another magazine, Corporate Social Focus, recognized as Key Champions of CSR (2022). YouTube influencer Abhi & Niyu (Following Love) and Anuj Ramatri (ECO Freek) has appreciated Mr. Sachin Shigwan as The Solar Man and his work towards a green future. Numerous printouts and digital media have also mentioned his work through their articles and coverages.

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