The Real Estate Sector is no more devoid of female representative faces: Here’s one of Ms. Vaishali Kamboj

Great leaders are not born; their experience, determination and confidence makes them one.

These words absolutely stand true for Ms. Vaishali Kamboj, indubitably one of the most experienced as well as professional team leaders of a highly competent and versatile team of Geetanjali Homestate Private Limited. With an extensive experience of more than four years in the domain of luxury real estate, she possesses the critical acumen and strategic approach in order to understand all the dynamics of the market quite comprehensively. Extremely passionate and driven about helping people make sound, realistic and reliable choices when it comes to real estate, Ms. Kamboj is equally enthusiastic about broadening her horizon by learning more new trends and ideas in a regular manner.

It would be worthwhile to highlight here that she encapsulates a rich experience of having worked with some of the most globally recognised brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Bobbie Brown and G-Star Raw. In all her roles, she has managed to demonstrate excellent work ethics, absolute honesty and a great understanding of the business inside out. Ms. Vaishali Kamboj prioritises self learning above everything else. She’s of the opinion that one must never stop learning if one wishes to chase brilliance and perfection.

As far as Ms. Kamboj’s expertise in the domain of real estate is concerned, she’s an illustrated and well defined knowledge of how the commercial property sector works. Though she does have a fair amount of exposure to all the verticals of the real estate, she specialises principally in commercial properties. With an in-depth knowledge of the sector and an impressive understanding of the market of the commercial property, Ms. Vaishali is certainly qualified enough to give the potential investors, sellers  and buyers valuable insights before they finalise which property is best suited to their interests, budget and future prospects.

Since she holds with herself almost a decade of experience (9+ years ) in the Retail Operations, she’s well equipped with the right kind of skill set and talent to cater to customers coming from different walks of life. She’s presently associated with Geetanjali Homestate Private Limited as a Team Leader and has been professionally and ethically helping the customers in making informed decisions regarding investments in the real estate. When one talks about her personal inclination towards the industry which is presumably considered to be dominated by women, she shares that “it has become a concept of the past where women couldn’t take their own financial decisions and had to depend on the males of their families for the same. Presently, women are at the frontier of most of the domains and we can not only take our own financial decisions, but are also in position to help others take theirs”. She herself is a living testimony of a woman breaking all the stereotypes associated with females in the regressive society and has been heading and leading her team quite harmoniously.

Indeed, under the collaborative and effective  leadership of Ms. Vaishali Kamboj, the team at Geetanjali Homestate Private Limited has been working quite efficiently. Ms. Kamboj truly believes in the spirit of team-work and excels when it comes to the delegation of the various tasks to different team members according to their respective expertise and interest. One also cannot fail to mention how dedicated and determined Ms. Vaishali is. Quite consistently, she had championed transparency and the slogan of ‘ tradition of trust’ wholeheartedly. Her unmatchable experience, along with her unfaltering passion towards real estate, acts as a great asset for the team and we are all proud to have her at the apex, holding the helm of the young achievers and aspirants in the company. Combining her experience of more than 9 years in the retail operations with her grit, she understands the dynamics of the commercial market much more elaborately. Her enviable knowledge about rates fluctuations, property appreciation and estimated profits regarding the commercial properties in Gurgaon and other parts of Delhi NCR are worth paying heed to.

Experience, Expertise and Exposure : These are the three qualities that make one successful in one’s respective field. No wonder Ms. Vaishali has created a respectful and indomitable niche for herself on account of her consistency, diligence and agility to always deliver the results beyond expectations. The entire team of Geetanjali Home state Private Limited acknowledges and honour her contribution in the team’s success and hope for her kind guidance in many more years to come as well.

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