The Musical Expedition of Abhay Pal

Singing is a conversation, if it isn’t natural, it isn’t right. Undeniably, good music is food for mood, and if it hits the apt chord nothing can be more therapeutic. Few in a million are bestowed with the greatest treasure by god, and one such name is Abhay Pal. The voice behind soothing melodies Beparwaiyan and Sohneya, who is emerging as the voice of today and the music of tomorrow, with his latest release Jiya Na Jaye.

The rising star commenced his harmonious journey in 2013, while he was pursuing an engineering degree. Somewhere stuck between the notes of power electronics, he developed a keen interest in music notes. Besides maintaining academic excellence, Abhay started giving more time to his passion. With every obstruction, his enthusiasm grew and the zeal of following his passion was fueled by the courage of fighting for the dream. Having grown up listening to diversified genres, the self-learned artist has been polishing himself throughout, which makes him an inspiration. Amidst the hassle of academic commitments, self-learning and then implementing in his performances, there were many moments of frustrations, feeling low and getting demotivated but, he rose above all. Abhay draws his inspiration from the cult 90’s melodies, and the legends KK, Sonu Nigam, and AR Rehman, he has a series of small covers on his Instagram handle as well where he covers his favorite music.

The young, promising artist has been performing live for almost a decade and has hypnotized many with his soulful voice. He has a charm that can push you to shake a leg during his live gigs. The charisma that he brings with his versatility are, for one and all. From pop music to Bollywood melodies and old skool retros, you can get to devour every globule of the musical essence. The interactive shows and the energetic ambience enthrall the audience from the corners of the city he performs in, along with his proficient band. You can catch him not just within the nation but globally, Abhay has been performing across national boundaries and with his exceptional talents, he has gained a reputation as a rising young singer.

The journey and the juggle between being a sterling recording artist, and excellent live performance was never a duck soup. Two things that make him stand out are his illimitable talent and his passion for utilizing it, to the best. Abhay has always been consistent with his music and productions, he works extra hours to satiate the hunger for composing good music. He came up with his first song Sohneya at a very young age, the song integrates intense emotions, in-depth knowledge of songwriting, perfect compositions and brilliant productions. From Sohneya the flight took off and Abhay has been producing delightful songs that are evidence of his hard work and talent.

His other song, Beparwaiyan, got a crazy response for its composition and feel. If you haven’t checked out the song, you are missing an entire mood. The best thing about the songs is that it hits everyone differently and evokes diversified emotions with soul-soothing effects. Abhay is au fait about how to captivate the audience with his skills. Besides being a live performer, playback recording artist and a songwriter, he is an avid keyboard player and a guitarist who loves to acquire new skills.

 Abhay has released 4 original compositions that are appreciated and loved by the audience, while there are many songs in the pipeline. Every work of his corroborates that he is here to stay and inebriate the audience with some quality music. With more than 20L+ views on YouTube and a significant presence on Spotify, Gaana, Saavn and social media channels, Abhay is on the promenade of being an influential music personality.

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