The Magical keys

Universe, feelings, words, action and creation.  The whole essence of this book is to understand the reasons behind all the events that happen in the universe.

 If you have also tried to understand the working process of the universe.  If you have understood on what basis the universe creates situations in front of us, then you must have understood that our inner feelings create our creation.

   Emotions also arise and change according to the situation.  The person who has gained control over his emotions can create his creation according to his mind.  The secret and Power of Subconscious mind, Books like this explain the functional process very well.  I also acquired the knowledge of functional processes from this and gradually my faith in the mechanism of these processes became stronger.  It really is like some magic.

 Then when I started working on these processes, I also got magical results but I failed to regularize my creation, then when I did a little research, I found that many other people have also failed in this.

 I believed that most people had knowledge of functional processes.  And they also knew the exact paths through which creations take birth, but the knowledge of maintaining his creations was meager.

I continued my research, studying all those people who, despite having knowledge of creative processes, were not able to sustain their creations.  And on the other hand the wishes of some people were being fulfilled everyday.

 I began to differentiate between them. The general difference I found was the strength of emotion, both types of people using the same words and feelings to compose but those who could easily maintain their composition  they have the knowledge of some magic words. When they use these words, very powerful waves would be generated and their knowledge of words would keep their feelings strong and creative process became easier to magnify.

Because knowledge is always incomplete, there can be no such person who has complete knowledge.

 Because knowledge is like the ocean, even the mere appearance of a few drops of this water has the power to satisfy the soul.  And it has been proved that the creation of the universe is done by emotions.

 I also wanted to keep my feelings strong.  I kept on searching for the knowledge of magic words in different books, got knowledge of many magic words in books like Holy Bible, Pak Quran, Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta.

Learned about mantras too, realized that revoking practice of positive words with their understanding produces the same sounds as chanting mantras.

 I started making lists of words and understanding their meanings, gradually I had the knowledge of words collected from different places.

 However each word is very magical and a whole scripture can be written on each word. But I amassed the knowledge associated with the creative and functional processes hidden in words.

 Then whenever I found an imbalance in the flow of my creative process, I would focus my attention on one of the magic words, and I would find it easier to regain balance and work on the creative process.

 Then I shared this knowledge with other trying people, then when they also started benefiting from these magic words, then these magic words took the form of a book.

 All the magic words are in front of you, the results of my research are in front of you.

 Start gathering knowledge of these magic words today and strengthen your grasp on creative processes.

                                                                – Dr. Lakshya Gehlot

The_magicl_natur (instagram)

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