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Tea’s calming and energising effects have been acknowledged by people for thousands of years. Camellia Sinensis, which is produced from the plant’s leaves, now serves purposes other than just cooling down thirst. It can be used as a deep relaxation aid, to calm the nerves, or just to relax. Although tea drinkers are aware of the benefits of Camellia Sinensis for mental health, researchers are just now starting to investigate how tea affects mood and cognition.

Spirare is one of the newest and one of the first health and wellness brands to offer emotional well-being teas for women. The teas are being sourced and 100% made in India. Spirare prides itself on being a fully sustainable company. Packaging of the products is biodegradable and exerts less of an overall impact on the environment than most other types of packaging. Spirare pouches are thick with high-quality zippers, which provide air-tight closure to keep your product fresh.

As a writer, I have personally tried this tea, and it was just amazing, as it literally relaxed my mind. Apart from this all aspect one thing is unique about the products of, ‘Spirare’, that is a little hint at back. “As you drink, choose a calm area, create a list of five things for whom you are thankful, and then find happiness in them. Carry the list with you for positive Spirare”. These exact wordings are written, this concept really needs to be appreciated.

This not only creates a positive environment but also creates an atmosphere and a mindset of relaxation and mental peace. The Spirare teas currently come in eight different varieties, all the teas have their own beautiful aromas, benefits and flavour. The Loose-Leaf Tea of Slim & Hope, Clarity & Mind has a great refreshing aroma whereas teas such as PMS & Health and PCOS & Relief have earthy aromas.

Spirare has put importance to flavour and kept a great balance of health, aroma as well as benefits. Ashwagandha, Shankhpushpi, Peppermint, Stevia and Brahmi are just some of the key ingredients which are used and are part of teas. The brand promotes the wellness of women’s minds and bodies and has put a key emphasis on emotional well-being.

Discrimination against menstruating women is widespread in India, Spirare has promoted how important is it for women to have periods and has worked on providing and making it accessible for women to purchase these herbal teas and even learn more about what major challenges they are facing.

Why Spirare?

The word inspire has as its etymology, the Latin preposition in and the Latin verb spirare, meaning to breathe. After regularly consuming the teas, it can be noted the name does describe the brand itself, and it is not your ordinary cup of tea.

The products of the brand are open to the public and can be purchased at their official website, ‘www.spirare.in’, and at Amazon or Facebook and Instagram @spirare.in

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