Sparsh Medhe – The man behind Sparsh Auto Polishing Centre on a mission to provide top-notch car polishing services

Mr. Sparsh Medhe Life Story – Sparsh Auto Polishing Center makes sure to deliver remarkable service and maintain its vision of The Royal Touch. Young Businessman Sparsh R Medhe with a 1000 Car Collection. The 27-year-old PUNE-based Owner of SPARSH AUTO POLISHING CENTER.

We all know that washing your automobile regularly is crucial but what about polishing it? It goes without saying that applying a thick coat of polish to your car and letting it sit until it slightly hardens is the first step in polishing it. A polish offers your car a smooth and functional surface and removes defects like scratches and swirl marks from the clear layer of your paint. Polishing down your vehicles clear coat will smooth out all of the surfaces. However, the sad reality of life is few of us have time to wash our cars every month, let alone give them a good cut and polish. Well, fear not, as Sparsh Auto polishing centers come to the rescue of every individual with their top-notch car polishing services.

The 2007-founded Sparsh Auto Polishing Center offers you the best assistance in obtaining international products for your vehicle and providing it with mirror reflections that best reflect your personality. The journey began with coating Indian-made cars before moving on to imported and classic vehicles. They started with Autoglym polish products and now they use almost all branded products for different paints used on different cars. From 3 employees to creating a team of 32, Sparsh Auto Polishing centre takes pride and are always ready to help their customers.

Their Services include the following:

  • Full Detailing
  • Ceramic Coating
  • Interior cleaning
  • Paint protection treatment
  • Glass Treatment

In the words of the founder Sparsh Medhe “Being a customer-centric organization, our value for our customers never changed and we still have our old, current, and new customers doing business happily with us. We are proud to have our customers with smiling faces with us due to our strong business with them. Our services repair the effects of time and the typical elements such as severe road, weather conditions, Dust and grime and even a high degree of pollution with oxidation and dangerous UV radiation.”

He further adds “Since we have been in the auto industry for about 5 years, we have developed wonderful and happy relationships with our customers. We have experience working with premium brands and models, some of which include (Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, Aston Martin, Nissan GTR, Porsche Cayenne Boxter, Lincoln limousine, Cadillac STS, Ferrari, Lamborghini Jaguar XJ and XF, Bentley Motors, Chrysler Hemi 300, Maserati, Mercedes S, SL, GL and E class, BMW 6 and 7 series and Audi A8, Q7 and TT models). Several of them were imported before the brands began selling officially in India. These encompass the top, middle and low categories both corporate and individual collections such as 2 private jets, 3 Eurocopter, 3 helicopters and super vehicles, Celebrities Vanities vans.Currently, we are making beauty rides in Pune Maharashtra, Satara, Kolhapur, Jaisinghpur, Bangalore, Punjab, Mumbai, and Delhi”             

In addition to being an entrepreneur, Sparsh Medhe is also an influencer and a travel blogger. He is often seen in various celebrity events as a celebrity guest. He was recently Awarded with the prestigious “Business Excellence Award” by none other than Miss. Prarthana Behere (Indian Flim Actress) on 6th August 2022. As an influencer Sparsh believes in the same values as the brand and is soon collaborating authentically with various reputed brands in the near future. He is trusted by his followers immensely and he helps brands convert people into loyal customers.

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