Shilabbati Murmuh – Renowned Tarot card reader and a numerologist from India with unending achievements

Shilabbati Murmuh, a psychic healer, tarot card reader, and numerologist from Kolkata, West Bengal, supports everyone in advancing in their ever-expanding career. She has given people of all walks of life, from businesspeople to housewives, pure wisdom that has enabled them to reach their goals in a way that is both faster and better than ever. She is skilled in tarot card reading, psychic reading, and numerology. Today, she aims to heal and urge people to the right path through her tarot reading.

Indeed, the tarot card is frequently referred to as a spiritual activity that aids individuals in developing a deeper understanding of themselves because it is a well-known fact that it has evolved into an easy bridge to spirituality and a serene mind. Shilabbati encourages people to open themselves and gain self-confidence by giving tarot readings. They are able to let go of their bad feelings and gain a more optimistic perspective, thanks to her tarot readings. Even so, she has worked with a lot of famous people.

It goes without saying that numerology has assisted people in finding meaning in various facets of their lives, just like tarot reading has. The positive and negative elements of things like health, relationships, professional advancement, wealth, personal development, marriage, etc. can also be researched. The connections between numbers and occurrences allow us to tap into the factor that has the most influence since numbers have the power to give us direction in life.As a numerologist, Shilabbati asserts to offer numerological solutions to a variety of issues relating to personal, professional, and self-care so as to direct and motivate people to make the necessary changes and measures to achieve in their respective fields.

Claim to Fame –Shilabbati Murmuh

  • Recipient of the real superwoman Award 2022 by forever star India for spreading lights of optimism on others through tarot card reading and numerology.
  • Recipient of Iconic women of the Year Award 2022 as the best tarot card reader and Numerologist.
  • Certified Tarot professional from Psychic Visions (Tarot, Numerology, and Vastu Institute)
  • Certified master in Numerology from psychic visions (Tarot, Numerology, and Vastu Institute)
  • Recipient of Bengal excellence Awards 2022 by Press Club of Asansol Megacity for her outstanding performance as a Tarot card reader and Numerologist.

Shilabbati also does tarot reading on the below-mentioned Facebook group in the Santhali language.

Facebook group link –

Instagram –

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