SCO Plots framing the future of Real Estate Investments: Says SCO Expert HP Vashista

The authentic grit of somebody’s not depended upon the circumstances. A real champion is the one who is able to surface above challenges and create a diverse pool of opportunities for himself. Mr HP Vashista, an SCO expert in the present times, is one such example of a professional who’s maintained diligence and dedication throughout his professional overtures so far!

Possessing a pleasant personality and ability to persuade people positively, he can boast of having more than 20 years of experience in the domain of sales and marketing. The way he has researched upon the most dominant and popular of SCO properties in Delhi NCR, Gurgaon, and Noida is quite laudable. In his opinion: “The wise investors will not wait for the opportunities to knock at their doors; they’ll make efforts to go out in the market and understand what’s working for the majority. More than two decades of experience in real estate has made me establish that SCO, independently owned retail and office spaces, are the future of real estate investments.” Talking about Deen Dayal plots, he’s quite optimistic and adds: “Deen Dayal plots are a respite and an absolute housing solution for everyone who’s looking for an affordable residential area”. The appreciation and the rental income could be two major ways of multiplying passive income opportunities by investing in Deen Dayal plots.

Considering his confidence and conflict management skills, he has been very proactively engaged with broadening the horizon of his capabilities.  He had started his real estate career in 2008 and had sold agricultural land in Gurgaon and Noida as well.

It would probably not be an exaggeration to state that Mr HP Vashista is an absolute asset for Geetanjali Homestate Private Limited wherein he has been using his skill set to take the company to greater heights in a very organised and strategic manner. By combining his passion and sincerity, we’re sure he would be emerging as an irreplaceable member of the company.

If you’re looking forward to his expert advice and consultancy regarding making investments in SCO or Deen Dayal plots, get in touch with Geetanjali Homestate Private Limited right away and fix a call or meeting with Mr. Vashista right away!

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