Sampoorn Ramayan Painting, created and produced by Santi Arts is now available in 15 regional languages

A stunning work of art created and produced by Santi Arts, Sampoorn Ramayan, a masterpiece painting in multi-colors printed on imported premium quality matte canvas with more than 48 highlights of the Ramayan are beautifully illustrated and the context of each episode is written under the image in 15 regional languages, including Hindi, Odiya, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, English, etc. as per the demand of the devotees from each Indian state.

Shri P M Jain, chairman of Santi Arts has designed and produced the Sampoorn Ramayan painting in 1990 that was initially available in Sanskrit language is now available in 15 regional languages together with English. Santi Arts, the pioneer in the screen printing, designing, and advertising business has been in this business for more than 5 decades, with its existence since 1960. By designing and producing replicas (Serigraphs) of ancient and contemporary master paintings, Santi Arts has garnered a lot of attention from the devotees of India and abroad for their historical and contemporary master paintings. Their creation and production of the Sampoorn Ramayan Painting emerged as the best option for sophisticated connoisseurs and interior architects, a masterpiece that has won accolades from everyone else.

Claim to Fame – Sampoorn Ramayan Painting by Santi Arts

  • Sampoorn Ramayan Painting has received divine blessings and appreciation from Param Pujya Mahant Shri Nrutya Gopal Das Ji Maharaj, chairman, Sri Ram Janmabhoomi TeerthKshetra Trust, Ayodha – Shri P M Jain’s Visit to Shri Ayodha Dham
  • Sampoorn Ramayan Painting is also appreciated by Shri Champat Rai, General secretary of Sri Ram Janmabhoomi TeerthKshetra Trust of Ayodha.
  • The Creator and Producer of Sampoorn Ramayan Painting, Shri P M Jain of Santi Arts has been felicitated by Shri Rishikesh Upadhyay, Mayor of Ayodhya.
  • For their superior screen printing and designing of these outstanding artistic works, Santi Arts has won 100 Plus national and international honors, establishing their name, popularity, and fortune. Its art prints are popular in India and sold to developed nations including the United States, Japan, Italy, Spain, Kuwait, Taiwan, Germany, and the United Kingdom. etc.

As a gesture of respect for Ramayan, Santi Arts graciously assembled the wonderful 49 canvases of Sampoorn Ramayan into a single work that tells the epic tale of the Divine and honors a real man whose life has served as an example for saints, martyrs, and the Indian Milleu. Every canvas is individually gold framed, and the entire image frame is fashioned out of gold. In the field of hand screen printed replicas of classic and modern master paintings, Santi Arts is without a doubt a pioneer. Clean walls are given vitality by a collector’s collection. Make the boring appear amazing! Using a multi-color screen printing technology, the original works of art by master artists have been brilliantly replicated.

Having inherited the talent from his ancestors, P M Jain is a great artist. He spent millions of man hours and made crores of rupees investments over the course of three decades with his complete Santi Arts team of seasoned and mature artists. By using their crafts to evoke and validate others’ emotions, to think more openly with a different perspective, and to view the world from a different point of view, Santi Arts help people think more critically and differently. It goes without saying that art can speak things that can’t always be said with words.

In an effort to make elderly people happier, Santi Arts developed the Sampoorn Ramayan Painting. Sampoorn Ramayan Painting is a visual feast for devotees of Lord Sriram and a source of great joy for those who are too busy with their daily schedules to read the Ramayan. The most magnificent painting may be viewed in less than two minutes while devotees read the Ramayan narration in the painting.

Sampoorn Ramayan painting by Santi Arts, the pinnacle of India’s ancient legacy, is a tribute to Maharshi Valmiki and other poets who have sung Ramayan. The masterpiece commemorates the coronation ceremony, beginning with the initial image of Lord Ganesha, who is called to make the work successful. Sampoorn Ramayan Painting has shown to be the ideal solution for the home’s décor, making an impeccable selection. Divine canvases are timeless, despite the fact that people may have transitioned from a traditional to a modern approach to home décor styling. The glow that Sampoorn Ramayan painting brings to the home is astounding.

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