Rimpi Deka: Co-Founder& MD, Inked Streets & Co& Principal Designer, Studio Inc., achieving heights of success as a Woman Entrepreneur

Women today show no restraints when it comes to achieving what they dream of, showing utter determination and dedication. One such name in the list of entrepreneurs today is Rimpi Deka, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Inked Streets & Co. Content Curator at The Pod Guru, and Principal Designer at Studio Inc. Rimpi Deka is also a Fashion Entrepreneur.

Rimpi Deka co-founded Inked Streets & Co in 2018, the first Multi-Venture Startup Business of North-East India. She has made huge contributions in making Inked Streets the Largest Creative Community of North-East India. A Bachelors in Arts and a Fashion and Textile Designer, Rimpi, created the ever-growing trend of Fused Fashion and is one of the early pioneers in creating fashion and designer clothing that blends tradition and culture into western style and looks. She is currently pursuing Textile Engineering from IIT, Madras, apart from managing the business.

Rimpi Deka also Co-Founded Coffee&Couch and Unfiltered, later renamed as The Pod Guru, which incorporates Podcast sessions and acts as a Launchpad for Digital Illustrators and Artists, promoting Social Commerce. From a simple blogging platform, she managed to turn Inked Streets into the Largest Social Commerce site, Studio Inc. of which she is the Founder and Principal designer, a subsidiary venture of Inked Streets & Co. It promotes budding and local Fashion Designers, Local Artisans and Laymen along with Lifestyle and Fashion Bloggers.

She has been awarded with the National Women Excellence Award by NAAE(National Academy of Art and Education), National Women Pride Award by NAVBHARAT RASHTRIYA GYANPEETH, Global ECOM Idea & Business Start-up 2021 by Global Talent Award(IND-UAE), Indian Achievers Award 2021 for Most Promising Start-up. She has also been featured on the Cover Page of the International Business Magazine, ELITE 2021 Edition.

Rimpi Deka’s achievements show that women today can achieve anything once they are empowered. As a woman entrepreneur, she shows tremendous promise to go further up the ladder and achieve more success and inspire others to do so as well. Her start-up, Inked Streets, within a span of only 3 years has won multiple awards, expanded into 5 different ventures and is recognized by many National and International Platforms. It is the largest Start-up to have been operating without External Funds and is Bootstrapped. She also mentors individuals in Sustainable Fashion, Spiritualism, Start-up Business, and Creative Careers. She is indeed a motivation to all those who want to start their own ventures, become entrepreneurs, and achieve great heights.

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