Ria Sarkar: A striking woman entrepreneur, Icon, and the woman behind Xperteez Technology

When it comes to talking about women who have helped shape the world of entrepreneurship, the name Ria Sarkar strikes the chord. A charismatic personality along with a mindfulness of business understanding, she is an epitome of an empowered woman and she exhibits the element of an overachiever. Founder at Xperteez Technology, Ria Sarkar is someone who motivates other women who doubt themselves and inspires them to achieve the impossible.

Ria Sarkar, a software engineer by profession, coined Xperteez Technology and took charge as the founder and director in September 2015. She leads administration and operations and, needless to say, she indeed has a keen eye for cost-effective reforms and cutting-edge digital marketing strategies. She has a wealth of experience in managing sensitive data, creating ERP systems, building relationships with clients, managing resources, expanding e-commerce, and managing and networking on social media. She possesses the following professional qualities: management of business strategy, ability to work under pressure, business finance, management operations, international business, business law, and business ethics.

Her story TIMES inspired her win the Outstanding Performance in Inspiration Awards 2022. She won the Woman Pride Award for Information Technology in 2020 and was listed among the 50 Up and Coming Entrepreneurs in 2022. She received the Best Emerging Female Entrepreneur-Technical honor at the Best Women Entrepreneur of the Year Women’s Conclave & Awards 2021. She demonstrates great promise as an ambitious and developing female businesswoman. She demonstrates how perseverance and diligence may help you reach your objectives. It takes a lot of guts to start your own business, and she wants to encourage as many others as she can to follow her example. In order to help people with their businesses and new ventures, she seeks to coach and consult them.

Ria has managed and directed initiatives at Xperteez technologies to assist in enhancing communications strategy. She has created mutually beneficial ties between the learning and development of the organization and its customers. Having worked together with the technical and product teams to quickly develop, build, and improve learning centers, user flows, user experience (UX), and product/service funnels she helped Improve reach and search strategy through the use of digital marketing, including SEO, SEM, and a variety of social media platforms. Sarkar successfully oversaw the creation of digital assets and/or content development activities, improving the outcomes for both.

When it comes to accomplishing her goals and succeeding as an entrepreneur, Ria Sarkar portrays that her competence encompasses commitment, acceptance, positivity, and critical thinking. When managing any challenging issue, she oozes confidence and never backs down in the face of pressure.  To ensure staff engagement and dedication to goals, she ensure that strong objectives were established and disseminated within her area of responsibility. Additionally, successfully managing a start-organization, up’s network, software, and cloud infrastructure. She has also managed a group of over 25 front-end, back-end, and IT support personnel. She epitomizes the powerful woman who makes sure that everyone she encounters is motivated and inspired to succeed.

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