Rajendra Mool Chand Modi Charitable Foundation –feeding the hungry and helping the vulnerable by organizing a medical camp

It is true that even in a world with plenty of resources and prosperity, when there is enough food generated to feed everyone on the planet, hundreds of millions of people still go hungry. According to the report, there are currently 795 million hungry people in the world, and each year, poor nutrition causes the deaths of about 3.1 million children under the age of five. Children who are malnourished experience stunted growth and impaired cognitive development. To alleviate poverty-related suffering and help the underprivileged, Rajendra Mool Chand Modi Charitable Foundation is working tirelessly to ensure food security and enhanced nutrition for the underprivileged in the Delhi region by stepping into the picture with constant innovations and ongoing support from its members.

It also goes without saying, a free medical camp can be thought of as a life-saving initiative that strives to give underprivileged communities living in rural or urban regions access to free medical and surgical services. Similarly, to organize Free Medical Camps in both rural and urban locations and offer Free Medical Care to those with Diabetes, Hypertension, and other conditions, Rajendra Mool Chand Modi Charitable Foundation has stepped up to educate and offer fully free medical examinations to the needy and among the country’s underprivileged people who lack access to basic healthcare services or knowledge of the illnesses they are afflicted with.

The Rajendra Mool Chand Modi Charitable Foundation’s widespread presence and connections with the local communities assisted them in comprehending the situation on the ground and taught them that assisting families and communities in becoming self-sufficient is the best way to secure the futures of children. Under the direction of Sushma Modi and Rajendra Modi, the Rajendra Mool Chand Modi Charitable Foundation has taken on increasingly significant roles in the provision of welfare and humanitarian aid as well as substantial social development. They create awareness and drive initiative by playing a critical part in developing society, improving communities, and promoting togetherness.

The Rajendra Mool Chand Modi Charitable Foundation, where significant progress has been accomplished, has drawn attention to the growing need for environmental conservation in recent years. Reputable organizations Rajendra Mool Chand Modi Charitable Foundation is working to raise environmental awareness in India and change the country for the better by planting trees.Join hands with them and contribute to saving nature.

Food can undoubtedly serve as a motivator for a child’s academic and skill development. When things are tough, sometimes all we need is a helping hand that will not only make a difference but also put a smile on the needy’s face. Rajendra Mool Chand Modi Charitable Foundation aims to eradicate hunger and feed millions of people by 2025. Your contribution matters in the form of generous donations of volunteer work. Indeed, a little help goes a long way.

Donate now – https://rmcmcf.in

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