Nation Chakma – Multifaceted personality and the man behind Laavs Digital Industries Private Limited

Nation Chakma is an actor, producer, director, and television personality who acts in Chakma movies. He gained prominence as a Chakma actor thanks to his first acting role in the Chakma comedy short film “Bassuri: A Story About Bambooshots Seller,” from which he rose to fame as the character IPS Nation Chakma in the film. He also founded Laavs Digital Industries Pvt Ltd, a company that engages in the broadcasting, telecasting, relaying, transmitting, distributing, and running of any audio, voice, music, video recording, editing, and programming, among other activities.

Nation’s life as an entrepreneur and as an actor, overall, a multi-folded personality defines his purpose and his super goal. Indeed, defining a vision is critical for success because it is only the vision that serves as a lighthouse that pointed his ability on the right way to fuel success in his life.

Coming with the thought of “Do whatever you want to do. But do one thing so that everyone remembers you” Nation, after moving from the village when he was accepted to Tripura Institute of Technology for his degree to pursue higher education, he thought to do something new which is one of his dreams so that people remember him even after his death just like the soldier who is a martyr in the battlefield who leaves footprints even after they die that’s the main reason behind him entering the acting profession and gaining popularity. Indeed, he did what he said!

Claim to fame – Nation Chakma

  • Recipient of “Skill India Abhivyakti 3”
  • 2nd Prize in State level Paper Presentation competition on 30th march 2019 where he has presented a ticketing website in the competition.
  • His appearance in ‘Dreamer – the Paromi world’ featuring Anil Kumar Chakma who is famous for his remarkable acting in the movie’Undossi boido’.
  • He performed a duet with Mangali Chakma in ‘Jogora’. His performance in ‘Jogora’ which was his first music video album with ‘Mangali Chakma’ got Nation several amassed a million viewson YouTube.

His life significantly altered once he entered the film industry. Before, he was not well-known to the public, but now he is well-known not only in India but also internationally. Being from a modest background, Nation was raised in Agartala, the capital of Tripura. Nation continues to work as a data entry operator for the State Bank of India in addition to being an actor. Nation founded Laavs Digital Industries Private Limited with a passion for becoming an independent and prosperous businessman. 

The plethora of services provided by Laavs Digital Industries Private Limited includes installation, operation, design, fabrication, purchase, sell, import, export, trade, assemble, service, repair, and deal in audio, video, and computer-generated data signal broadcasting, data transfer, transmission which may include  Local Area Network (LAN), Wide Area Network (WAN), satellite television channels, radio channels, entertainment channels in all languages, news with a magazine and deal in celebrity management and PR distribution services and many more.

Nation, as a passionate individual is compelled who always wanted to do something meaningful with his life. Restless and forward-looking, he is always anticipating the next step in his life’s journey. Simply put, not everyone is or aspires to be a passionate person, but Nation Chakma is the first thought that comes to mind when he brings that abundance of energy to his life and his profession.

Are you striving to unlock your life’s purpose? If you are the one who is avidly working to actualize your dream or vision for your life? Follow Nation Chakma’s story that is no less than inspiring.

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