Janitri’s Women Leadership Initiative “Bhavati, Episode – 05” was recently organized and carried out live on all the social media platforms covering the topic “Why Mothers Should Join In Leadership Roles?”

Mother’s role in today’s organisational leadership arena is really crucial & of great significance. There’s a rapid growth of 31% in the proportion of women in senior leadership roles in the past couple of years.

Janitri extends gratitude to their special guest Dr. SriparnaBhuyan Boruah from IIE, Guwahati for accepting the invitation & sharing her incredible insights backed by her own experiences on the platform of Janitri’s women leadership initiative “BHAVATI-05”

Dr. Sriparna Baruah shared her ownexperiences about how she coped with the social pressure at the time when she was studying & kept walking on the path she had chosen for herself.

She said “ For India to emerge as a global leader, we need more and more women led  enterprises. One way of bringing this change is to encourage more and more women to look at entrepreneurship as a career option. ‘Mompreneurs’ can look at various opportunities to start their business from the comfort of their homes . The ecosystem is evolving and there is policy support available for women. All that is needed is mentoring and handholding support”.

This show was hosted by the  Janitri’s Leaders, Ms. Anushri Bhattacharjee & Ms. Rekha Pandey.

Anushri expressed her views on the topic based on her corporate life experiences during the discussion.

She says,

“All the women, specially who are also mothers, have the skills & capability of a leader. 

Women are naturally process driven.

They would always put special attention to quality and compliance while actioning any task.

Their holistic approach & perception of the team and customer needs is much more clear in terms of understanding & communicating the importance of having a cohesive team, which helps in achieving organisational goals that benefits each & every stakeholders in the organisation or any community as a whole.

Ms. Rekha Pandey also shared her valuable opinion on the topic “Why Mothers Should Join In Leadership Roles?”

She says Bhavati , is being into thr PROCESS of KNOWING and CREATING  , a fully fledged INDIVIDUAL

This is the right time for women to establish themselves as an successful women entrepreneur and contribute for the development for their family as well as for the society, they just need to work on their mindset and rest can be taken care of.

Janitri is a socio-cultural non-profit organisation whose mission is to give a forum for all moms and those with a mother’s heart from within to interact, empower, and support one another while spreading love and kindness to make the world a better place to live. With a focus on education, healthcare, and women’s empowerment, the team at Janitri is on the verge of creating the largest community of happy mothers!!

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