Jaishree Nenwani – EsteemedContent Creatorof GetSetHappy debuts with her first book “Tiny Habits Massive Results”

Jaishree Nenwani is an Indian author, millennial blogger, and home-based businesswoman who curates inspired insights that can help others delve deep and change their perspectives. She is the founder of the online platform GetSetHappy, where she publishes motivational blogs and encourages people to live their best mental, physical, and spiritual lives.

Jaishree Nenwani’s debut book Tiny Habits Massive Results”talks about 7 (plus a pro-habit) that has impacted the course of her life. As she says “These are very small habits, but when you actually blend them into your life, you can experience transformation in all areas of your life – Physical and mental health, career, relationships, and life.” Jaishree’s writing revolves around being happy in life and self-improvement.

Jaishree is born and bought up in New Delhi with always an eye toward beaches. She has studied Architecture (but never practiced). Further, shepursuedpost-graduation in management studies. However, after spending a few years in the corporate environment, she had to quit her job because of health concerns.At that moment, her only options were to sit around the house aimlessly or start a new job from home. She went with the latter. Jaishree started looking at possibilities for working remotely. But then she understood that if you work remotely, there aren’t many GENUINE alternatives. She narrowed her list of choices after much research and brainstorming to those that fit her interests, abilities, and prior experience.

Writing is one of them, and recruitment services is another. Her career as a home business owner began here. She made the decision to leave the corporate sector and return to her passion for writing after several years of successfully running her recruitment business. She launched a freelance content writing business to hone her writing abilities. She launched her own blog in 2017 at https://getsethappy.com, which is being read by thousands of people worldwide.

She concludes by saying “I believe that every challenge offers the chance to develop, find new approaches, and build a new life. After quitting my job, my only options were to laze around the house aimlessly or start a new job from home. I opted for the latter, and this is how my career as a writer got started. I have a small circle because I’m a little introverted. I view myself as a student of life and adore connecting with like-minded others.”

You can connect with Jaishree Nenwani on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, and LinkedIn @jaishreenenwani.

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