J. S. Zakhmi – The Best Motivational Speaker and Direct Selling Coach from Patiala, Punjab

J. S Zakhmi is theeminent Motivational Speaker and Direct selling coach from Patiala Punjab. With over 10 years of working experience as a Motivational Speaker and Trainer, Mr. Zakhmi has delegated lectures to not just over 1 lakh people from all across the globe but has also trained more than 80 companies and 100 colleges from India and abroad. His public speaking has inspired many to make big life changes and chase the things in life that made them more fulfilled.

Needless to say, in the past years amid the Pandemic unexpected and constant turmoil has undoubtedly changed the world forever. This tumultuous period has many questionsabout what it is they truly value in their lives, as many suddenly found themselves isolated, lonely, and experiencing depression for the first time. It was hard to keep one positive at the best of times, but thankfully Mr. Zakhmi came as a gift to people’s lives by inspiring others to break through their pain and arise stronger than ever before. Mr. Zakhmi’s words are not only life-changing but life-saving for many.

Selling skills are what make any business personality dream and achieve big goals in life. And an impressive selling skill can bring unprecedented success in the life of any entrepreneur and that’s what J.S Zakhmi who is regarded as the best Direct selling coach from Patiala Punjab feels. He has been training people on a daily basis todevelop their success stories in the ever-growing Direct Selling Industry. Direct selling business is an effective tool that can fetch huge income at minimal investment. Indeed, selling and marketing hold the key to success and the Pandemic has taught the biggest lesson to all who just relied on their job. However, it is very important to continue to upskill yourself.

Lakhs of people have benefitted a lot from his dynamic workshops in the recent past. He has emerged as an inspirational speaker. Mr. Zakhmi aspires to inspire the world and is a real-life inspiration for countless people. Mr. Zakhmi was inspired by the event when he encountered the challenges faced by the direct selling community with regard to proper training and education system. He feels it’s the need of the hour for every business person to grab the opportunity of Direct selling so that they can rise high in life and fulfill dreams.

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