Interview with the eminent Bengali Poet Anirban Chattopadhay

Famous Bengali poet AnirbanChottopadhyay was born in Bihar and raised in Jharkhand and west Bengal. He currently works for an organization and lives in Odisha. Very soon he will be felicitating with an honor for his poetry book ‘PremBarudShobdo’. In his response to earning the award, Anirban expresses his joy and gratitude to the writer and editor of Hindustan Pioneer. Being recognized for one’s exceptional and in-depth knowledge of political thinking and ideas is, in fact, a highly joyful event for a Bengali poet.

1. How do you feel knowing the news of award?

Very elated. I would like to thanks All of my readers, well-wishers, and obviously the jury members.

2. Your genre of writing is exceptional, what inspired you to write on Barud?

Not only the Barud, but all three subgenres (prem, barud, &shobdo) were truly created from my observations of this planet. I don’t write frequently because I’m not a professional writer, but everytime a significant event occurs, I use to express my joy, emotion, rage, and all other sentiments on paper, which eventually turned into poems. I am occasionally labeled as a political poet, but I believe that no one is non-political. I have my own political beliefs and attempt to put them into reality, but that does not imply that I am connected to any political party.

3. Please enlighten your readers something about your book.

What can I say about my own creation? I will say that it is a testament to the decay of my society, proof of my love for my partner, and a revelation of the harsh realities of the city, the holy state, and the crusades. I’m hoping it will shake up society and make them to think and rethink about the degradation.

4. How has been your journey by far when you started working on your book prembarudshobdo?

Honestly speaking I believe I am the book’s least significant contributor. At first, I had no plans to publish any of these poems in particular in a book; I was happy to publish my poetry in literary journals and on social media. Actually, that’s all I need. I do not need to be a published author because I am not a professional writer. However, not many of my readers keep requesting new books from me. My beautiful friend, a professor of literature and one of my best critics, insisted that I take the risk. Then my lovely wife and one of my friends, who is also a well known editor of a literary journal, began to gather all the deserving poetry from various journals, scraps of paper, and other periodicals. They gathered the ripped pieces of paper, corrected the poems, and finished the rest of my publisher buddy Utpol’slabor at AkharSanglap Publishing. I would like to express my gratitude to everyone of these people.

5. What is your future plan?

I am afraid of planning as I have seen so many plans to get demolished.

আমিঅনেকস্বপ্নকেদায়িত্বেরচাপেভেঙেচুরমারহতেদেখেছি, তাইপ্ল্যানিংকরতেভয়পাই.

A feature film is still something I’ve always wanted to do. I’m not sure of the exact time, but I’ll make an effort.

And recently আমিআরেকটাজিনিসেরplaningকরছি, জানিনাকতটাপারব, তবেযদিকোনদিনটাকাপয়সাকরতেপারি, আমিএকটা alternative education এর school তৈরিকরতেচাই

7. Your words of wisdom for your readers.

Reading is important but analyzing is more important and more crucial. Don’t just trust what you read; don’t trust my statements as well. You should act on what you have read, felt, and understood what is right and wrong. And one more thing I would like to say “সমাজের Majority সবসময়ঠিকহয়না, তাইসমাজের majority যাভাবেতাইঠিকহবেসেটাভাবোনা। Once one of our MP said very correctly that the parliament house is belong to the opposition, am sorry to make again a political remark (ended with laugh).

Interviewed by Susmita Gupta (Writer and Editor)

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