Green India Initiative bagged Greenpreneur Award 2022 in the Rural Development sector.

On September 03, 2022, GREENPRENEUR CONVENTION & AWARDS 2022 took place in Ahmedabad. This event’s primary goal was to bring together like-minded entrepreneurs and professionals in green construction, waste management, sustainability, the environment, and recycling and to recognize efforts towards green, sustainability, and environmental up-gradation. There were 30 different categories where Green India Initiative Pvt. Ltd. was recognized and awarded under the category of ‘Greenpreneur – Rural Development’ through solar energy. GIIPL’s contribution to rural development has been immaculate and is the sole reason for this achievement. 

Green India Initiative is a for-profit social enterprise that has developed expertise in the field of renewable energy since 2014 GIIPL aspires to change the world by being a reliable sustainability partner that assures valued efficient energy solutions with passion and has a relentless focus on customer satisfaction. Towards rural development, Green India Initiative Pvt. Ltd. is responsible for various sectors such as Education, Clean Water & Hygiene, Infrastructure Development, Clean & green energy, and Women’s Safety & Livelihood opportunities. GIIPL helps the villagers with an appropriate solution that provides ease in developing rural areas through various solar products such as solar off and on-grid systems, solar water pumps, and solar street lightsfor solving their problems. GIIPL is creating an impact on the environment and social & human health through its initiatives.

GIIPL provides a few core services like the provision of Solar Street Lights with in-built battery pack, solar Off-Grid PV Systems for education development of rural schools, Solar Water Pump systems for villagers’ domestic water and agriculture needs, Solar Water filtration systems for providing potable water to schools, Solar Cooker for hygienic food cooking for rural school students and Solar-enabled equipment for livelihood generation for rural populations. With such green technologies, GIIPL can achieve long-term environmental benefits and dramatically reduce carbon emissions in the air we breathe, thus reducing health hazards.

GIIPL has worked in seven states until now, including Maharashtra, Bangalore, Rajasthan, Telangana, Haryana, Delhi, and Gujarat. We have successfully lightened up around 400 villages till-date and provisioned around 1100 kW. These efforts will help reduce about 1360 tons of CO2 emissions Per year.

Green India Initiative is led by Director Mr. Sachin Shigwan who is recognized as ‘The Solar Man’ of India. He lives up to it and always tries to ignite the motivation and values in his entire team. He founded the company in 2014, aspiring to bring electricity to rural households in India. Mr. Sachin Shigwan is a strong promoter of solar energy and he believes that solar power is easy to accept, easy to understand, easy to maintain, and free energy access for all. With his continuous efforts and vision till now, GIIPL has electrified over 400+ villages across the nation and contributed to reducing energy poverty in rural communities. 

He has trained around 5000 corporate employees and approximately 10000 youths through the employee/student’s solar ambassadors’ program (online/offline). He is also a mentor for engineering and management colleges for providing employment and volunteering experience to the students. Mr. Sachin Shigwan (The Solar Man) has been recognized by media partners like Lokmat, EPR Magazine, Consultant Review magazine, CIA World Magazine, Sustainable Champion, CSR Box (Digital), and Sony BBC Earth (digital).  

GREENPRENEUR CONVENTION & AWARDS 2022 was organized by Vyapaar Jagat.Com at CEE Ahmedabad, Gujarat on September 03, 2022. This event was attended by Director, Mr. Sachin Shigwan, Project Engineer, Mohit Vaidya, and Mr. Darshan from Green India Initiative.

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