Gopal Vithalani – The certified cyber expert and the man behind the Cyber Security training centre

Gopal Vithalani is a recognized expert in cyber security, a cyber law advisor, and a cyber-crime investigator. He founded the Cyber Security Training Centre, which seeks to offer everyone training and certification in cyber security. With just one hour each day of learning, it offers both job assistance and training support using a combination of the syllabus covering ethical hacking, cyber awareness, and cyber legislation. Ethical hacking classes are offered by the Cyber Security Training Centre to enthusiastic students, professionals, private citizens, and businesses.

According to research, cybercrime is growing quickly relative to other forms of crime. The US FBI recorded a 300 percent increase in reported cybercrimes since COVID-19. A hacker attack occurs every 39 seconds, and about 300,000 new pieces of malware are produced daily. There are many different types of cybercrime; some are more complex than others, while others only involve phishing, business email compromise, spyware, and ransomware. Gopal Vithalani established the Cyber Security Training Centre in response to this situation in order to give better security through increased data protection. In fact, giving the team the tools, they need to recognize, control, and mitigate security concerns makes any firm data safer in their hands and guarantees that any possible hazards are addressed before they become serious.

Claim to Fame – Gopal Vithalani

  • Created and released a beta version of MojApp, a social android software, as a gift to the Indian Prime Minister in 2015.
  • Certified by a number of organizations and universities, including DAIICT Gandhinagar and EC Council University, New Mexico, as a cyber security expert, cyber-crime investigator, secure computer user, and cyber law counselor.
  • Grandson of the late Shree MJ Vithalani, an Indian freedom warrior who received numerous awards from the government.
  • Awarded by numerous organizations with international and national honors
  • Known for spreading cyber awareness around the country as a registered volunteer for the general public, police, and law enforcement
  • Numerous times acknowledged and appreciated by government officials, including police and the government.
  • He is regarded as a cyber guru in Gujarat and shares his expertise with the government when it needs it in the area of cyber security.
  • In contrast to his parents, he spends his free time participating in a variety of social clubs and activities.

To keep their infrastructure and data secure, there are various firms that can no longer function without Gopal’s expertise in cybersecurity. It should go without saying that data breaches are extremely expensive for corporations, often to the point where they completely destroy the company. Most businesses simply cannot afford such a thing. Both the frequency of data breaches and the cost of cybercrime have significantly increased in recent years, which is where Gopal’s job as a cybersecurity expert and the growing need for cybersecurity training come into play. Gopal is an engineer with a master’s in computer science.

Learn about ethical hacking, phishing attack, cyber law, and cyber awareness and protect your property from being stolen or destroyed through the Cyber security training centre’s courses today.  Be it hardware, software, or electronic data an understanding of best cyber security practices will help prevent any unwanted information disclosure or malicious cyber-attacks and Gopal commits to making a successful cybersecurity awareness program that showcases the importance of data security, IP protection, and privacy policies and their role play in preventing cyberattacks.

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