Gaurav Goswami –Exclusive Interview with the Corporate General Manager of Blue Blocks Hotels Pvt Ltd

Gaurav Goswami is the Corporate General Manager of Blue blocks Hotels Pvt Ltd. With a strong desire to learn, grow and achieve every goal of life Gaurav Goswami never settled for being average. Being a graduate of Arts from Calcutta University, a Master’s in Hotel Management, and PGDM in Corporate Law from Symbiosis (Pune), he strongly understands the industry demand and excels in providing excellent services to all his guests. He tells us about his journey of self-growth, ambition, and overcoming challenges exclusively to Hindustan Pioneer.

HP – Starting with, congratulations on your success and your new journey as a Corporate General Manager at the quintessential brand, Blue Blocks Hotels Pvt Ltd. How has been your journey by far?

Gaurav – Thank you for your greetings! I have been working in the hotel industry for more than ten years, and ever since I started, all I’ve seen is growth in this field. Over the course of my more than ten-year career in the hotel industry, I have learned how this sector has transformed the lives of all educated people, naturally by providing India with a sizable source of employment. Being assured of my abilities, I never hesitate to take risks and excel at emotional intelligence. Additionally, I am more interested in yield management techniques, which aid me in raising the businesses’ gross operating profit. So whether I win or lose, my journey has been amazing overall.

HP – I have read it somewhere about your view on the hospitality Industry as you term this industry next to defence. So, this makes me curious to know more about it?

Gaurav – Our industry is frequently described as the second most important after defense, and I can personally attest to this since when everyone is having fun, we are firmly seated in our office serving our guests. Even on holidays and other special days, we have time to join our shift but are unable to leave until everything is concluded. Nevertheless, the togetherness and sense of belonging in our office make us adore working in this field. When we successfully please each of our guests, we feel good. At both the highs and lows of life, we stand tall, from enjoying our job together to sharing our struggles.

HP –That is true, profound! So, tell me something about your current assignments with Blue Blocks and Brio?

Gaurav – I recently began working as the Corporate General Manager for Blue Blocks Hotels Private Limited. The company has committed to numerous pre-opening properties in Assam, Goa, Siliguri, Kolkata, and Siliguri. We opened the Brio Hotel- Salt Lake, a boutique hotel, in Kolkata on September 16, 2022. The full hotel has opened for business and is doing well. You may experience luxury at Brio for a significantly lower cost. Good food and leisure are delivered by the hotel,every visitor demands this, after all. We have an amazing staff at Brio that can function under any challenging circumstances. Food is what sets Brio apart. Chef Asit Roy, who oversees our specialty kitchen, has a combined total of 20 years of expertise, including 9 years spent abroad.

HP – No doubt, the Pandemic has taken a toll on the Industry, affecting the lives of all. How have been your reaction during this worst phase of the Hospitality Industry?

Gaurav – However, COVID-19 has a significant impact on us. Numerous people lost their jobs and their hope, but we are resilient warriors and have returned to the market. Also, I have observed that many firms are operating with fewer employees as a result of COVID. After giving my best in the last 15 years to this Industry I feel we must keep in mind that we are service providers who provide services to the visitor; as a result, having adequate manpower should be our first priority.

HP – You have been in this Industry since 2007, How has been your working style since then?

Gaurav –When I first started, I thought I should be familiar with every department and witness all the labor-intensive work that goes on in the background to eventually make the customer smile. For a hotel’s operations and the Value it adds, I believe every position and every location are crucial. When I first started, I had a goal of thoroughly knowing and comprehending every area. Therefore, it’s quite easy; all I had to do is put together an effective team that is highly driven, and encourage them to give their all, and the results are astounding. I simply know what I must do and keep my attention on business and the GOP.

Interviewed by Susmita Gupta(Writer and Editor)

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