Encompassing an Entrepreneurial Zeal to Succeed in Real Estate Sales :Mr. Amit Tewari

With more than a decade of experience in the domain of the real estate industry, Mr Amit Tewari has managed to establish for himself a niche that only few can achieve. A believer and an achiever, ever since the beginning of his career, Amit has never shied away from hard work and has always ensured 100% commitment in his tasks as well as his obligations. With a total of 13 years of active exposure in the domain, he has the logical approach and a calculative mindset to understand the wave of the market like nobody else can. He is not only a successful Sales Head at Geetanjali Home state Private Limited, a leading real estate firm in Delhi NCR, but has also been an avid learner and observer of the market trends by interest. His expertise is principally in the direction of building strong customer support and relationships from the scratch, client management and setting up high return sales processes.

Before associating himself with GeetanjaliHomestate Private Limited about five years ago, Mr.Tewari was actively self-employed with his own real estate consultancy firm. This inevitably proves that he does possess in-depth knowledge about the industry and is capacious enough to understand the challenges that might accrue in the sector. A highly optimistic person with a categorically positive attitude towards his team, Mr. Amit knows how the sale flows in the domain of the real estate. He’s firmly of the opinion that this domain is exclusively meant for people who are patient and do not believe in instant results. Being totally aware about the length and the breadth of the sales operations, Mr.Tewari leaves no stone unturned when it comes to strategically closing the deals with the potential investors or clients.

He strongly advocates absolute transparency and honesty in his approach and these qualities make him different from most of the other sales people out there who have a strong inclination towards adopting inappropriate business practices to convert the deals. Mr. Amit Tewari, on the other hand, believes in harbouring a deep and respectful relationship between himself and the clients. Always putting his best foot forward, he has been successfully guiding people with his skills and knowledge in the most diligent manner and by embracing a sales driven approach. One thing that sets him apart is his continuous rigour to keep educating himself about various business innovation and business development strategies. He asserts that the learning doesn’t stop with age or positions; it’s an ever unfolding process. His knack to identify opportunities in the residential, commercial as well SCOs is therefore indeed awe inspiring.

The trends and the statistics in the domain of real estate are highly volatile and dynamic and keep on changing with each passing day. Therefore, only a person who has an acute understanding of the market trends can constructively convert and bring forth deals and investments in the sector. Since Mr. Amit Tewari has been running his own real estate consultancy for a really long period of time, he has had an active network of experts who have mentored him mindfully in his formative years. It is definitely a result of his hard work and determination, combined with his persuasive ability to convince people that has always yielded positive results for him as well as his team members. Moreover, working collaboratively and harmoniously with the argent and self motivated team of GeetanjaliHomestate Private Limited has indeed opened up new facets of leadership in him. Without adopting a dominating stance, Mr. Amit Tewari is respected by his seniors, colleagues as well as juniors alike for his agreeable approach and kind and helpful nature. A man with proven intercommunication and organisational skills, Mr.Tewari is indeed an indispensable part of GeetanjaliHomestate Private Limited and the company is proud to gladly acknowledge his contribution in the team’s success . We look forward to having a long term and fruitful association with Mr.Tewari and positively hope that he will continue to enlighten his team with the expertise and experience he has accumulated ov

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