CSTC founder Gopal Vithalani represented cyber security upgrade suggestions to the Government

In fact, cyber crime is a concern that the entire world is currently dealing with. Nowadays, individuals utilize digital payment platforms because they are easy, and fraudsters are always trying to trick those customers into falling for financial fraud. Here, it becomes crucial to update all digital payment platforms in order to lessen online crimes for the good of society. In digital India, the government and police departments constantly make an effort to promote cyber awareness. To address these issues, the Gopal Vithalani-owned CSTC has made certain recommendations to the government on cyber security. Through digital payment channels, CSTC strives to offer the finest services possible online.

Gopal Vithalani, hailing from Gujarat, India is a certified cyber expert, a cyber law advisor, a cyber-crime investigator, and the founder of a Cyber security training centre that aims at providing training and certification in cybersecurity to all aspiring professionals, corporates, students, and any individual. In his journey as a cyber security expert, he has helped to solve many things related to cyber security and he believes in helping to spread cyber awareness and learning new technological things every day. He is well known as a cyber guru in the state of Gujarat youth and shares his expertise with the private and govt. sectors when it needs it in the area of cyber security. In contrast to his parents, he spends his free time participating in a variety of social activities. With a strive to make cyber warriors, spread cyber awareness, help the people, support companies, and make valuable contributions to the Nation he founded the Cyber Security Training Centreatthe age of 26. In simple words, Cybersecurity means giving security to your technology and devices from any online attacks, said Gopal.

Following are the suggestions provided by the founder of the Cyber Security Training Centre, Gopal Vithalani.

  • In order to ensure security for every transaction, he recommended that all e-wallets and digital payment platforms require an OTP in addition to a pin for transactions over three digits. By including this, auto-debit transactions might be stopped.
  • Every time a user launches the program, a disclaimer and warning message should appear in a certain regional language, and they should be required to do so.
  • Recently TRAI has updated one of the new terms and conditions to the True Caller application to show only KYC verified name on every True caller app user account (users cannot be able to change it themselves) so he had suggested implementing a rule for every social media application, especially to WhatsApp.
  • These days, social media applications are the most prone to hackers and cybercriminals. So, he had requested the Government to add new terms to it that any number who had committed any financial fraud cases using WhatsApp before and if the same complaint has been received in Cyber Cell then it must reflect on the user’s profile with the number of cases. If that is incorporated then any victim must become aware before the happening of any fraud reducing the number of cybercrime cases.

Gopal aimed to reduce digital crimes by assisting the public, the government, and the police. He delivered successfully at numerous significant legal conferences where he was a featured speaker, and he also provided the authorities with many helpful recommendations. It should be noted that Gopal Vithalani and his business received numerous letters, certifications, worldwide honors, and prizes.

His social media Instagram id is: @ccigopal

Professional Facebook id is: FB\cybersecuritytrainingcentre additional web portal is https://www.cybersecuritytrainingcentre.com/which can get information about the course and services. Students can be professionals in the cyber field and get job career opportunities & good designation.

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