Celebrated Martial Art instructor Gaurav Goswami empowering women with self defence

FIT India Ambassador and ace martial art trainer Gaurav Goswami trains women in easy, effective, and memorable techniques to avoid assaults or, better yet, to escape them completely. With the combat strategy becoming the new norm, a celebrity trainer and propagator of women self Defence, Gaurav Goswami has made it his mission to educate and demonstrate the importance of situational awareness and how to plan a successful escape.

One thing is abundantly clear – as we head out into the world, we are on our way on any given day. According to statistics, attacks on women seem to be on the rise. Groping, harassment, molestation, or for that matter, even something horrendous has increased in the past few years. It’s imperative that women here do their best to keep themselves safe from harm through self-defence. Not to be confused self-defence is all about preparing oneself physically and mentally to face any adverse situation. However, most people tend to be worried with learning the right technique. This is where Eminent Martial art instructor Gaurav Goswamicomes into the picture. He has been actively training martial arts since 2004 offering girls at any fitness level with the sole aim to provide tough resistance to any unavoidable attack on women through a small curriculum of martial art training.

Gaurav Says “The most crucial factors are awareness and readiness in various situations and environments. I teach women to recognize different levels of threat, understand the value of keeping a safe physical distance, and use rapid thinking to implement a safe exit. Self-defense, according to me, entails more than just being physically prepared for potentially hazardous situations.”

Claim to Fame – Gaurav Goswami

  • Chairman of Kickboxing Coaching Committee
  • FIT India Ambassador of the FIT India Mission of the Government of India
  • A 3rd Dan International Black Belt Holder in Taekwondo from Kukkiwon
  • 2ndDan in WAKO Kickboxing Martial Arts.

The majority of Gaurav’s work is devoted to instructing women in effective self-defence techniques that combine repetition and common sense against typical assaults. According to Gaurav, learning self-defence is a good idea for all women because it will increase their self-assurance, make them feel more capable, and keep them safe. In fact, being able to defend oneself from undesirable situations has become absolutely essential for women.

As a matter of fact, Women who are warriors are not wholly imaginary; they are shown in literature and popular culture as everyday people. Therefore, it is incorrect to describe such legends as average, and everyone should instead describe every woman who practices martial arts as extraordinary, a warrior, and all-around badass.

Women who practice martial arts gain confidence, which they carry with them every time they leave the gym. The instructors’ interactions with you and the new skills you pick up help you develop this confidence. Even if you have never faced danger before, knowing how to defend yourself gives you an extra measure of confidence and a spring in your step because you know that you have the ability to defend yourself, your family, and friends.

Gaurav concludes by saying “For women to tear down barriers and gain respect in all fields of endeavor, now more than ever is the moment. The practice of martial arts can help you overcome prejudices, develop the self-assurance you need to succeed in your career, and keep pushing the boundaries of ‘equality.”

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