CA Prakash Agarwal: A motivational force working towards making the youth self-reliant

When it comes to naming someone who is an inspiration to many and who has shown that entrepreneurship is for everyone who aspires to it, CA Prakash Agarwal is the name that pops up.

Mr. Agarwal started his professional journey in 2003 after completing his studies with the Institute of Chartered Accountants, India. He had various offers from companies locating him in TIER-1 and TIER-2 cities. Instead, he chose to go back to his roots. His hometown Morena, Madhya Pradesh, in the region of Chambal, which at that time was economically backward and known for its dacoit issues. When Honorable PM Modijistarted the Atmanirbhar theme it acted as a driving force for him. He wanted to help the youth of the nation who wanted to be self-dependent and become entrepreneurs who had a zeal to do something on their own and make it big.

He started creating awareness regarding the MSME and Kutir Udyog units for making the youths self-reliant. He established Agarwal Prakash G & Associates as a one-point solution for MSME. They provide consultancy, help in obtaining loans from banks, setting up units, getting government subsidies, market availability, import-export, accounts, taxation, finance, and so on. Along with these, they also help in obtaining various licenses and permissions from Government departments. They are indeed ahead in the game as they have helped set up more than 500 MSME and Kutir Udyog so far creating an edge for themselves in the area for young entrepreneurs and businessmen.

When talked about innovation in their profession, they have collected data of thousands of students from colleges and educational institutes and organized various workshops and training making the youth aware about establishing their own ventures and being self-reliant. Prakash Agarwal believes that his profession has created a direct impact on society. They have helped those common men with a lack of proper education, sources, and information, and who hesitate to start their own work. This in turn will help improve the society and the nation and also personalize each one’s quality of life.

In the next three years, their company, Agarwal Prakash G & Associates, wishes to set up a one-point solution for MSME across India, where one can find solutions for their project, advice for forming appropriate firms, financial consultancy, knowledge of subsidies, and incentives. They wish to provide information regarding licenses, government departments, banks, help in requiring loans, and other such services. They are constantly working in this field with their technical and networking teams to give the best possible help.

In order to promote self-employment programs like Start-up India, Stand up India, and other initiatives, he is continuously collaborating across MP with various government departments including MSME, horticulture, department of agriculture, etc. The MP government, trade associations like the Laghu Udyog Bharti and CAIT, nationalized banks, and numerous CA institute branches like Gwalior, Bilaspur, Bhilai, and Raipur have all assisted in the growth of his organization. For the nation to improve and grow more independent, it needs more people like him.

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