Biplab (Rudra) Deka – Multifaceted Personality and the Man behind Inked Streets & Co

Biplab (Rudra) Deka is the founder and CEO of Inked Streets & Co, a content curator and podcaster of The Pod Guru, and Executive Director of Studio Inc. Thriving in outside-the-box despite facing struggles in life and business, Biplab (Rudra) Deka has embraced the fact that despite any major struggle, his goal would be to find a clear path forward, that lit up his world and gave him the confidence to create exactly the kind of life he wanted to live.

Rudra Deka is the youngest entrepreneur with over five companies registered under his name. He is an engineer turned entrepreneur and one of India’s Top 100 Budding Entrepreneurs. He advises other passionate entrepreneurs in business management, operations, and scaling. He was named India’s Prime Icon for his outstanding contributions to the field of creative careers. Additionally, he serves as a strategic manager and board advisor for more than 17 international companies. He is also a multiple international award winner and one of North-East India’s most well-known youth icons.

Awards and Recognition (Claim to Fame) -Biplab (Rudra) Deka

  • India Icon 2021, Awarded for creating the Best Platform for Bloggers, Influencers, Musicians, and Authors in India.
  • India Prime Icon 2021, Awarded for Exceptional Contribution, Visionary Guidance, and Exemplary Leadership for the year 2021.
  • Awarded Most Promising Startup, In recognition of the Best Creative Start-up of the Year 2021.
  • Felicitated for Start-up of the Year 2021, Nominated for Best Service and Quality Excellence.
  • Nominated for Most Promising Start-up 2021, for Digital Media and Business Expansion and Development in times of Global Pandemic without Funding Support.
  • Editor-In-Chief, Rotary International, Awarded for being an INSPIRATIONAL LEADER, and for Extra-Ordinary Contribution and Performance in the year 2017-18.

Venturing into entrepreneurship is not a cakewalk and Biplab’s journey proves that. Today you might see him as a serial entrepreneur who is causing ripples in the market. However, he has to endure innumerable blocks to achieve this power, stature, and feat. Biplab (Rudra) Deka with his multiple ventures has become an esteemed name today. From business mentor and advisor to spiritualism practices and healing guidance, he is taking his skills to places.

Needless to say, the entrepreneurial world in India is filled with multitudes of people experimenting with new avenues, revamping the already existing ones and so on. However, very few entrepreneurs have aced the knack of dipping their toes in multiple ventures and sticking to it. Biplab Deka is one of them whereby bringing innovation to his professional life, he is the one who has reached the pinnacle and before reaching the peak of his career, Biplab slogged for 15 hours a day and apparently the hard work has now paid off.

Biplab’s entrepreneurial advancements encourage continual growth, living standards, and dynamism. Continual innovation in his business pushes him for higher aspirations, inspiring ideas, and pushing for invaluable economic vigor. While some people struggle to find one idea, Biplab has a zillion things he wants to try. He has a whole list of passions, interest, and hobbies that lights him up, Blogging, Travelling, Reading, and Podcasting to name a few.

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