Ayush Navin Singh – having many sides. Personality and the Man behind Bybdigital &Troops Facility Services

Ayush Navin Singh is the founder  and CEO of Bybdigital & CTO In Troops Facility Services, a content creator, Digital Marketing Expert and video advertiser and producer of upcomig web series of highway 5. Thriving in outside- the- box despite facingstruggles in life and business, Ayush Navin Singh has embraced the fact that despite any majorstruggle, his thing would be to find a clearpathforward, that lit up his world and gave him the confidence to bringexactly the kind of life he wanted to live.

Ayush Navin Singh is the youthful entrepreneur with over 2 companiesregistered under his name. He’s an software developerturned entrepreneur and one of India’s Top 100 Expiring Entrepreneurs. He advises otherpassionate entrepreneurs in businessoperation, operations, and scaling. He wasnamed India’s Prime Icon for his outstandingbenefactions to the field of creative careers. also, he serves as a strategic director and boardcounsel for further than 15 companies. He’s also a multipleawardwinner and one of North- East India’s most well-givenyouthicons.

Awards and Recognition( Claim to Fame) – Ayush Navin Singh

  • India Icon 2020, Awarded for creating the StylishPlatform for Bloggers, Influencers Community, in Mumbai.
  • AwardedutmostPromising Startup, In recognition of the StylishCreativelaunch- up of the Year 2021.
  • Complimented for launch- up of the Year 2021, Nominated for Best Service and Quality Excellence.
  • Nominated for utmostPromisinglaunch- up 2020, for Digital Media and Business Expansion and Development in times of GlobalEpidemic without FundingSupport.
  • Recoginze as a youthchairman of Mira road in HUMANRRIGHTSCOUNCIL, in the time 2018.

    Venturing into entrepreneurship isn’t a informal and Ayush Navin Singh trip proves that. moment you might see him as a periodical entrepreneur who’s causing ripples in the request. still, he has to endureinnumerousblocks to achieve this power, elevation, and feat. Ayush Navin Singh with his multiplegambles has come an recognizednamemoment. From businesstutor and counsel to spiritualism practices and mendingguidance, he’s taking his chops to places.

    Dispensable to say, the entrepreneurial world in India is filled with multitudes of people experimenting with newavenues, revamping the formerlybeingbones , and soon. still, veritablymany entrepreneurs have aced the knack of dipping their toes in multiplegambles and sticking to them. Ayush Navin Singh is one of them whereby bringinginvention to his professional life, he’s the one who has reached the zenith, and before reaching the peak of his career, Ayush Navin Singh galumphed for 15 hours a day, and supposedly, the hardwork has nowpaid off.

    Ayush Navin Singh entrepreneurial advancementsencouragecontinualgrowth, livingnorms, and energy. Continualinvention in his business pushes him for advancedbournes , inspiringideas, and pushing for inestimableprofitablevigor. While some people struggle to find one idea, Ayush Navin Singh has a multipleeffects he wants to try. He has a whole list of heartstrings, interest, and pursuits that lights him up, Blogging, Travelling, Reading, videoadvertising and Podcasting to name a many.

    Learn more – www.bybdigital.com

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