Anis Khan-The man who never gets tired

“Anees Khan” Yes, you read it right, “Anees Khan” is the one who left for Delhi about 45 years ago from Siyali village of Amroha district of Uttar Pradesh, with only 40 rupees in his pocket, fed up with his relatives’ taunts. Empty handed, don’t even know where to go to Delhi, just knew that one of his relatives have worked in the fire department in Delhi, had to go to him, but did not even know that where was he live in Delhi, just going away. Got into a truck and started on the unknown journey. 

A 15-16 year old innocent and gullible boy, who started school at the age of 6 and passed class X in just the next 5 years, he walks 9 kms away from home every day to school and then back 9 kms. Come on foot Studied with so much efforts, but due to relatives’ taunts, leaving his studies incomplete, he went to Delhi. They say that whoever tastes the one whom God keeps, that’s what happened with Anees Khan Sahib. Whose truck he boarded asked where to go in Delhi, then he told that he has to go to one of his relative who has worked in the fire department, by coincidence there was an office of the fire department near where the trucker had to go. Was, just did it again, took out the address from there and those relatives of Anees Khan Sahib took him, and then the new journey of Anees Khan Sahib’s life started. There he did a job in a transporter here for just Rs 90 per month. After some time, got a job with another transporter for Rs 300 per month, and then did not look back at the failure. 

After about a year, he returned home but became a successful person. After that Anees Khan Sahib never looked back. Today, Anees Khan Sahib himself is a big and well known transporter in Ghaziabad and is living a life of great pride and honour. In this journey of his life, he also set an example of understanding service, did not know how many needy children, taught how many fees, how many got married, but did not do any work for fame, nor did he do it like this. That which hurt his Ana. Just kept on serving with understanding, only with the spirit that more and more needy ones could fulfill their desires.

 Under this spirit of understanding service, the Indian National Congress nominated Anees Kaha Sahib as a member of the Uttar Pradesh Congress Committee. While in Congress, he set an example of service to the country, and Anees Khan became a respected name in entire Uttar Pradesh and Delhi NCR including Ghaziabad.

Mr. Anees Khan got hundreds of poor girls married, deposited hundreds of poor children’s school fees, helped many people financially so that their business could be set up, apart from doing countless such works which benefited the people. Anees Khan Sahib never expressed any desire for any post from the Pradesh Congress Committee or any other political party. He served his party, society and country without any greed, without any selfishness. Despite being around seventy years of his age, he works with full energy. Society always needs such people.

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