Amidst raising a toddler during the pandemic, this woman Mompreneur started a natural skincare brand ‘Kaantam’

Based in Greater Noida, natural skincare brand Kaantam believes in Nature’s Bliss for the skin and employs the highest quality natural ingredients straight from nature. With more Indians pampering themselves with good skincare products and now their bathroom shelves are lined with Kaantam’s lip balm, lip scrub, body scrub, and homemade soaps.

Needless to mention, with a variety of beauty brands today, it is becoming hard to know which products are both effective and safe as we are exposed to undesirable chemicals daily. Hence the demand for green products is high and luckily Kaantam has been bringing more to the table ever since it is launched in March 2022. As skincare products make their way into the lives of the Indian consumer, Aashi Khattar, the founder of Kaantam is adding colour and glitter to the Industry’s growth with her exclusive natural skin care productsthat includes the followings:

  • Handmade Soaps
  • Lip balm, Lip scrub, lotion bar, Aloe vera Gel, and many more
  • Handmade candles
  • Gift hampers for various occasions.

As per the sources, the global skincare Industry is expected to surpass $179 billion by 2027 and the focus on buzzy and marketable ingredients is at an all-time high. Beauty brands are under pressure to find innovative ways to stand out from competitors while consumers are left to figure out what products are worth the hype. There is, of course, a need to build creativity on every product and make sure that it is all safe and useful in improving the skin and here is the brand story of Kaantam behind its formation.

Former Digital Marketing Professional Aashi Khattar chose to be a Mompreneur when she embraced motherhood in the year 2020. Mompreneur Aashi Khattar chose to start up with Kaantam while bringing up her toddler. She gave up her corporate job to first turn mother and then marry maternity with entrepreneurship. She chose to be home grown entrepreneur by clicking the opportunity in skin care through her skills of learning & implementing handmade products and starting her start-up in the name of Kaantam. No doubt, being a mompreneur comes with its unique set of challenges. Ask Aashi Khattar, founder of Kaantam and a mother of 2-year-old son, “Mompreneurs struggle to manage their time effectively. As mompreneurs, we are pulled in every direction and often fail to add ourselves to our list of priorities” she says, adding that she is blessed with a highly supportive husband.

No doubt, many women have relatives’ support to manage their kids and their job. But in her case, it was just Aashi and her husband. Her husband has been a huge pillar of supportin building Kaantam as being a mother Aashi ensures the smooth running of her family together with successfully running her business. Greater Noida based Aashi Khattar aims for people to adopt natural and chemical-free skincare products offered by homegrown handmade natural skin care Indian brand ‘Kaantam’. Kaantam’s products are available on Amazon and on

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