Aahaar Food Boutique by Jhumur Sanyal – This Boutique Restaurant has exquisite Food with one-of-a-kind authentic recipes

Aahaar Food Boutique is founded by a passionate chef Jhumur Sanyal, out of love and passion for the ones in order to pamper their taste buds. Gastronomically anchored in the Bengali traditional style, Aahaar Food Boutique’s intent is to ensure that they savour every ingredient, the way it’s meant to be. Bringing to you the concept of home-cooked authentic Bengali traditional foods, Jhumur Sanyal creates the perfect menu for daily meals and for every occasion and event.

A passionate food maker Jhumur Sanyal embarked on a delicious culinary journey in 2017 in Bhilai. From being a Homemaker first to home-chef, her journey has finally taken a definite route in the form of Aahaar Food Boutique. It was her immense love and passion for food that fueled the creation of this exquisite brand, Aahaar Food Boutique as a home kitchen and food delivery start-up. This home kitchen leans on tradition, nostalgia and the love for Bengali cuisine to create lip-smacking dishes. Their culinary design is simple to keep the nostalgia around traditional food alive.

With elegant and sophisticated menus, Aahaar Food Boutique is a traditional Indian home-cooked food boutique located in the Bhilai City of Chhattisgarh where one can taste all flavours and dishes of Indian cuisine. The food cooked in Aahaar Food Boutique is considered to be very healthy, freshly prepared, and cooked in a neat and tidy kitchen following the safety protocols. They offer exciting meal options to busy connoisseurs that ranges from Kashmiri Pulao to Chicken Cutlet. Within 5 years since its inception, Aahaar Food Boutique has become a favourite place to order from and it is their delicious food and the menu that sets them apart from the noise.

One of the key things that give the founder Jhumur Sanyal an edge over the rest of the clutter is that she believes in serving fresh and authentic. Each recipe created by her is a product of her meticulous dedication to detail, along with the use of authentic spices, and high-quality fresh food all put together. She believes “not just cook” but instead creates culinary magic each time she sets her foot in the kitchen. Every recipe is crafted with great precision and extensive research in order to achieve utmost authenticity. Daily meals that Aahaar Food Boutique provides satisfies the seniors and are loved by youngsters. Aahaar has something for different kinds of palates who understand the nuances of Indian taste from Biryani’s to regional curries to Sweetmeats.

With Durga Puja around the corner, everyone craves for authentic Bengali treats more than ever. From crispy Bhajas to tangy Chutneys to PithePayes that will melt in your mouth, home Kitchen Aahaar Food Boutique and the chief chef Jhumur Sanyal brings the taste of West Bengal for the cross-culture community of Bhilai.

The following special Bengali menus are going to be served by Aahaar Food Boutique during the Durga Puja festivities in Bhilai starting Mahashasti to Mahanabami from 1st October to 4th October 2022 which will definitely make the mouth water.

  • Aahaar Food Boutique’s Popular Chickenrara and Bhapailish will be served on the Mahasaptami lunch menu together with other authentic traditional Bengali dishes in Mahashtami and Mahanabami too.
  • Aahaar Food Boutique’s Popular evening snacks will be available at Sector 10 SarbojonikDurgotsav Committee’s Puja Ground.

Order your favourites any time in advance over WhatsApp as they take care in making the meal special for you from mouth-watering Payes to super tasty BhetkiPaturi and Chingri Macher Malai Curry together with the mouth-watering and tempting food of the highly illustrated and exquisite Bengali cuisine.

Facebook Profile – https://www.facebook.com/aahaar.home.1

Aahaar Food Boutique’s Facebook Page – https://www.facebook.com/aahaarfoodboutique

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